Open Source Comes to Campus

Andrew Hilts helped get several new open source software developers set up to start hacking on Open Effect’s TrackerSSL browser extension at the “Open Source Comes to Campus” event.

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Announcing TrackerSSL

This Data Privacy Day, Open Effect is proud to announce the alpha release of TrackerSSL, a Google Chrome browser extension that lets you see if websites are securing your web browsing activity.

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Technical Research for the Ranking Digital Rights project

Ranking Digital Rights

Open Effect is participating in the New America Foundation’s Ranking Digital Rights pilot study as a technical research consultant. The project, directed by Rebecca MacKinnon, aims to create a ranking system by which the policies and practices of global information and communications technology (ICT) companies can be assessed based on their compliance with norms of privacy, free speech, security and other fundamental rights.

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AMI presented during Open Access Week

Open Access

As part of the University of Toronto’s Open Access week festivities, Open Effect Executive Director Andrew Hilts presented his and Dr. Christopher Parsons’ findings in designing, releasing, and collecting responses obtained through, the Access My Info tool.

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