Open Source Comes to Campus

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Open Source Comes to Campus, an event held at the University of Toronto (UofT). The event was organized by the UofT Association for Information Systems and Hacker Academy.

The day-long event was attended by dozens of students and community members interested in getting involved in open source software projects. Presentations and Q&As from experienced open source software developers and advocates introduced attendees to topics such as “What is Open Source?”, version control basics, communications tools, and how to find and get started contributing to a project.

I attended the event as a mentor and project sponsor. I helped several students get their development environments set up for contributing to the TrackerSSL project. It was a worthwhile exercise to update the README and fix several small bugs to make it easier for contributors with Linux or Windows computers to get set up. Until the event, all code contributions to the project had been made on an Apple computer,

I’m excited by the prospect of working with some new developers to get TrackerSSL ported over to Firefox, fix small bugs, suggest new features, and to generally help tidy up the code and make it more legible and accessible for future contributions.

Thanks to the organizers for inviting Open Effect out to the event!