Designing Enabling Economies and Policies: OCAD event

Today, Andrew Hilts spoke at an OCAD University conference to discuss two Open Effect projects. The talk was part of DEEP ’15: Designing Enabling Economies and Policies, hosted by the Inclusive Design Research Centre. This year’s DEEP was particularly focused on the intersection between inclusion and privacy in a data-driven world. Andrew’s talk highlighted two approaches to learning about how devices and services are using personal information.

The first approach “empirical research” highlighted OE’s comparative study of the privacy and security practices of fitness tracking devices. Andrew discussed what sort of data is collected by these devices, how it’s being used, and some other initial findings from the research. The second approach “designing for advocacy”, was exemplified by the Access My Info project, currently funded by CIRA’s Community Investment Program. Andrew presented the tool’s motivation, design principles, and impact.