Open Effect works to ensure personal data is treated responsibly by digital service providers. There are many specific issues that relate to this work. Generally, our projects fall within one or more of the following issues.

Access to Information

We can't make decisions without understanding the situation. That's one of the reasons why access to information is such an essential right in today's world. Companies like Google, Faceook, and Acxiom know a great deal of things about most people using the Internet. People have legal rights to understand what personal data is being held about them. Open Effect wants to empower people to obtain that access.

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Online Tracking

Apps, websites, and institutions collect data such as your web browsing history, location at a given time, and even your network of social contacts. Often this tracking is done in order to provide a seemingly beneficial services such as personalized product offers. Yet this is often done without a person's knowledge, without any viable way to opt-out, and in an insecure manner. Data collected for one purpose can also be used for countless other secondary purposes that are often hidden from view. We work to bring more clarity to the world of online tracking.

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Location data

Location data is about where you are and where were at given points in time. We are increasing our reliance on apps and services that track our movements over time for benefits such as convenience, better city planning, and self-improvement. Our location at a given moment is one the most sensitive pieces of data. Open Effect aims to investigate how these data are used and what safeguards are in place.

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