Early findings from AMI requests

This post provides a summary of early findings associated with Canadians creating right to information requests using the Access My Info tool. The full version of these findings is to be published in the Winston Report.

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Right to Information in Canada: Drawing Analogue Law into a Digital Present


Collaborating with Dr. Christopher Parsons, we’ve written an article for the Winston Report, a privacy-focused quarterly magazine published by the Privacy and Access Council of Canada. The article presents an analysis of responses consumers received to their right to information requests sent to Canadian telecommunications service providers through our Access my Info tool. You may download a pre-publication version of the article from the SSRN Repository.

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Andrew Hilts at Citizen Lab Summer Institute

Citizen Lab Summer Institute 2014

In late July 2014, Andrew Hilts participated at the 2014 Citizen Lab Summer Institute. Computer scientists, app developers, privacy experts, political scientists, human rights experts, and others attended the event to discuss internet openness and freedom.

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Designing the Access My Info tool

Evren Ozbilen (2011). "DSC_9810". https://flic.kr/p/a9iufr

This post describes the rationale behind the technical decisions that went into AMI’s implementation and its initial deployment with our launch outreach partner, Open Media.

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