Online Tracking

Apps, websites, and institutions collect data such as your web browsing history, location at a given time, and even your network of social contacts. Often this tracking is done in order to provide a seemingly beneficial services such as personalized product offers. Yet this is often done without a person's knowledge, without any viable way to opt-out, and in an insecure manner. Data collected for one purpose can also be used for countless other secondary purposes that are often hidden from view. We work to bring more clarity to the world of online tracking.

Some impressions on Internet advertiser security

In our blog post, we describe the results of tests we conducted to measure HTTPS support on the advertisers found on a sample of news websites as well as two sample lists of advertisers. We find a large disparity between our results and the the level of security support referred to in a recent post on the Internet Advertising Bureau’s website.

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TrackerSSL is a Google Chrome Extension that lets you know who is tracking you, and whether or not that tracking could be done more securely. The extension monitors all third party connections made by the websites you visit. It lets you know what percentage of third party trackers on a given page could support secure transmission of your web browsing habits, if the web page itself was only served securely through HTTPS.

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