TrackerSSL profiled in Toronto Star, other media

Toronto Star

The release of our new Google Chrome extension TrackerSSL was covered by several different media organizations.

The Toronto Star ran a story in its technology news section. The story related the tool’s ability to identify insecure transmissions of web tracking identifiers to a Canadian state surveillance program that monitored the downloading behaviour of millions of internet users and re-identified suspicious individuals using the those very same sort of insecure identifier transmissions.

Metro News Toronto profiled TrackerSSL and included a quote from the tool’s developer Andrew Hilts about the importance of secure data transmissions on the web. Hilts was quoted as stating that insecure web transmissions are “the equivalent of sending a sensitive piece of mail without an envelope. Anyone along the chain could easily look at your letter and read everything.”

PC World also published an article about the extension. The story goes into technical detail about how TrackerSSL works and quoted heavily from the article Hilts authored on the Citizen Lab’s website, where he is a Research Fellow.